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Farrell Buller

Certified Professional Coach
Public Sector Expert


ICF Associate Certified Coach
Certified Co-Active Professional Coach


Laser focused leadership

I believe I can do my part (and then some) to make the world a better place.  I have witnessed first-hand how coaching empowers people to become their best. If you are willing to do the work, I am willing to walk alongside you in the journey. Coaching leaders who are ready to level-up, redesign their career path, or improve their professional skills in an effort to make a significant impact, are my favorite people to coach. 

My Services

Farrell 1_1.jpg
Farrell 1_1.jpg

1:1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching is ideal for leaders that want to maximize their potential, increase their effectiveness, and implement strategies to create impact within their organization.

Farrell Team Facilitation
Farrell Team Facilitation

Team Facilitation

Are you looking for customized workshops? I regularly lead in person and virtual interactive facilitation and training on topics such as operational effectiveness, financial sustainability, change management, and progressive leadership.

Farrell Group Coaching 1
Farrell Group Coaching 1

Group Coaching

Group Coaching is ideal for teams that want to align their collective purpose, vision, strategies, and outcomes. It's best for professionals from a like discipline who are specifically committed to improving working relationships and results.

Meet Farrell

Farrell Buller Bullseye Leadership

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I am an Exclamation Point!

I live my life with an !

I love being the ! in life and can be counted on as such, whether as a family member, friend, neighbor, employee, or as a coach!

! is my superpower

I embrace my superpower ! I see the glass half-full; I deeply care for and trust in others; and love adding energy, life, and a little zest to lives of others!

Public Sector Expert !

For over 20 years, I brought the ! to the public sector, from a Therapeutic Recreation Coordinator to City Manager. I love public service and the impact we have on our communities.

Coaching enables me to be a !

I believe coaching enables people to become their best, including me ! Our bests can be tucked away; our bests that we know we can be; the best you didn't realize was possible!


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I highly recommend Farrell Buller, Professional Life Coach. Farrell sets a solid professional foundation by customizing to individual style and needs. She creates an environment that is safe, non-judgmental, and supportive encouraging vulnerability for in-depth reflection. Farrell tailors each session to where she always seems to say the right thing at the right time. She is a change agent, teacher, and guide, who brings questions and answers to the surface. Coaching priorities develop naturally.  

Recognizing, embracing, and putting my values into words and symbols has led to action. In the first six months, I achieved an important life goal that has been on my list for well over 10 years! Coaching has unblocked my infinite potential, and I am confident and excited about the present and the future.   


Professional life coaching has been positively lifechanging and a catalyst for success and happiness.


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